Episode 4


Grant Baciocco – Detective Jim Stubbs

Chris Sheets – Detective Carmen Romero

Adrian Flowers – Detective Bankes

Kevin Berntson – Chief Milhouse MacCallister

Khali McIntyre Boyd – Mysterious Woman

Eric Clift – Thug / Inkjet

Paul Petersen – Thug / Toms

Voice of Dispatcher / Suzanne – Lisa Waugh

Created / Written by

Grant Baciocco
Chris Sheets
Lisa Waugh

Executive Producers

Jessica Lehmann
Lisa waugh
Kathryn Porter
Robert Koch
Ian Kragen

Directed by

Lisa Waugh

UPM / First Assistant Director

Jessica Lehmann

Director of Photography

Francis De La Torre
Domenico Grasso

Location Manager

Rob Koch

Location Sound Mixer

Ian Kragen


Jenny Denton

Key Make-Up & Hair / SFX

Conor McCullaugh

Edited By



Lehmann Cuisine

Special Thanks

Steve Koch

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