You should write your script to your available locations. And since one of our producers, Rob Koch, works at Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica, we had a pretty sweet location.


Sets at Red Bull:

  • Chief MacCallister’s office
  • The warehouse
  • Bank’s cube
  • Hallways
  • Conference room
  • Zelda’s morgue
  • San Pedro dock
  • Exterior of the morgue
  • Exterior of the bakery
  • Pretty much every scene in the series

We had to shoot 4 of our episodes in one weekend. By the time we got to our stake-out scene, we had lost daylight. We attempted a green screen in the warehouse.

It turned out to be a bit more technically challenging so we did a re-shoot in front of the the director’s house.

Stubb’s House:

Our director and writer Lisa Waugh and Location Sound Mixer Ian Kragen live here
This house has been in just about everything we shoot, including the stake-out.

The house is under the Santa Monica airport flight pattern but thankfully Ian knows how to work around that.

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