Chris Sheets – Det. Carmen Romero

Chris Sheets  was born Los Angeles. He has a nice family. His dad and mom are saints. Actual saints. Because of this, he has had a hard time living up to certain expectations such as miracles and perfection in wine making.

Chris has performed in feature films, web series, plays and various improv groups around Los Angeles. He has loved every bit of the above mentioned. He has been totally awestruck by the love that everyone that he has worked with has given him. He’s not kidding.

He says, that thinking back over the many years of doing all this crazy stuff, he has been given a golden gift. The friendship, although at times very brief, of all these people has been cockle warming. These people have helped to shape him and understand him and love him (or at least liked him real hard). Oh, Chris also would like to say he gets sentimental at times. He hopes you understand. So, yeah… Chris loves you.

Even the guy that pulled in front of him at the stop light from the left hand turn lane. He saw you had New York plates and thought, “Maybe they do that there.” Pull in front of someone waiting their turn at the stoplight.

Maybe they block the sidewalk in doing so. And maybe they aren’t worried that a cop will see them. Maybe that’s New York. And maybe Chris is still angry about that. But he got over it. He calmed himself down and got over it. Chris would like to suggest that we all get over it.

Or just watch some Stubbs & Romero, cause it was made out of love. And quite possibly, some people who were involved in the making of Stubbs & Romero pulled into the crosswalk in front of you but, Chris thinks, we can get over it.

Cause a little love and hahas go a long way.

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