Monthly Archives: November 2012

Thanks for watching Stubbs & Romero. We’re interested to see if people want more. New capers, new characters and more story lines involving Detectives Jim Stubbs and Carmen Romero. Jim has just learned that he’s a zombie. And his much older zombie partner has a few things to teach him about being undead.

Would you like to see more? We’re taking a little poll. Post your comment to this post and let us know your thoughts.

If you want to see all five episodes again, click on our YouTube button to the right or watch them below.

Stubbs & Romero: Episode 1 “Partners”

Stubbs & Romero: Episode 2 “Dust in the Wind”

Stubbs & Romero: Episode 3 “Zelda”

Stubbs & Romero: Episode 4 “Squeaky Clean”

Stubbs & Romero: Episode 5 “Stacey”